Whatever may be the type of damage your car has faced ranging from chassis, general body damage or panel. Our team has the necessary skills to entirely re-build and restore thecolourof your car to the exact specification as per the original specification. Keeping your car exposed to nature like rain, heat, sun, moisture can cause dulling or fading. If only one or more panels in a vehicle need to be painted, our artists will match the shade &colour carefully to the rest of the vehicle rather than just following the recommendations of the manufacturer. We carry a wide range of tints, clear and base for mixing any shade to your requirement.
All the work is carried out using the latest body repair technology which allows you a convenient and very affordable high-class service. Technologies like Plasma Cutter, Miracle Panel Repair System, Airless Plastic Welder, Mig Welder, Spot Welder for Denting. Using these tools allows for repairing damaged body panels from the outside. This reduces the requirement of the strip and refit process which is extremely time consuming involved mainly for repairing the damaged body panels. So, our customers enjoy a much reduced the repair cost with speedy service. Painting is done only inside a paint booth.

Experts of Collision Repair

Here are some of the best reasons for selecting our Las Vegas auto collision services

  • We will collect your damaged vehicle from your office, home or any place and bring it to our workshop.
  • Quick Service – Minor dings, repair, scratches and dents can be fixed on the same day and your vehicle will be delivered in the most pristine condition.
  • Value for money – We offer our services at the most reasonable price. You can expect to save around 20% or more on most of the painting and denting jobs without any compromise with the workmanship, quality, or services.
  • Hassle-free insurance claims – We have tied up with almost all the biggest insurance companies for providing cashless claim processing and make your life easier.
  • A varied range of services – We offer a wide range of repair services ranging from paint restoration, repair of plastic items, change of colour, removal of dents, scratches and dings.

We are expert in the following –

  • Minor accident repairs which mainly happens during in city driving conditions including dents, cracks, scratches, cuts etc.
  • We offer repair of plastic items like mirror casings, bumpers, windshield repair and replacement.
  • Full body painting is offered by us. Whether same or colour change can be done, including Solid colour, metallic or pearl white.
  • Car-styling by painting or installation of additional body kits with colour restoration.
  • The panel, chassis, and general car body damage and completely re-built and is sprayed to its exact specification & perfectly colour matched.

At SinCity Collision Center, we offer a full range of collision repair and restoration services for the Las Vegas area, all are performed with exacting standard and the utmost attention to detail. Call us today to all types of light and heavy collision repair services which are highly superior.