For over a decade, we are providing reliable auto body repair services to Las Vegas customers. By scheduling an appointment with us, you are becoming a part of thousands of customers who have put their trust in us and have received an amazing service from us, completely value for money guaranteed. We have a highly trained and dedicated team who are spread all over the region of Las Vegas to offer you immediate service for all your needs. All our workshops follow strict OEM guidelines for ensuring that there are no holes left in our service. Our team has achieved an I-CAR gold class certification which gives you more reasons to put your trust into us. If you face any plastic bumper tear or metal fender damage in the future, then remember to give a call to us to receive the most budget-friendly estimate and best in class service.

Bumper Repair Process

By melting several plastic pellets and injecting that melted plastic into a mold, bumpers made from thermoplastic are created. Once the mold gets cooled down, the bumper is then released from the mold and a completely new bumper is manufactured. As thermoplastics are very flexible, easily recyclable, and cost-effective, most of the plastic bumper covers have a tendency to be thermoplastic. Bumpers that are made from thermoset or semi-rigid, by injecting two different types of polymer materials together, and permanently crosslinking to each other in a mold, plastics are created. The resulting bumper is durable but it requires the correct knowledge for repairing properly. You can bring your damaged bumper to SinCity Collision Center and we will repair it to make it look completely new. Our technicians will use the latest repair technologies and tools to repair your vehicle.

Fender Repair Process

You will never want to be in a fender bender, but unfortunately, it is highly common for accidents. We ensure that your fender is analyzed and inspected thoroughly to make the repairs possible. We start by inspecting the exterior damage of your fender but we don’t stop with that, our technicians remove any necessary trim and hardware for completely assessing the damage. This makes us capable to not just examine the impact closer but also to create the very best plan for how to make the fender repair properly. Our team is highly skilled in repairing the fender by carefully working the material for restoring the shape and fit of the fender. Once all of the damaged areas are repaired, we apply primer, give it time to get cured and then finally sand it down for creating a smooth surface for the paint which would be applied. Our technicians then use the computer technology for mixing the proper paint for perfectly matching the color of your vehicle and applying clear coating and buff out any other flaws as required for an even surface that makes your fender achieve that brand-new look.
If you are looking for Las Vegas auto collision services for repairing your Bumpers and Fenders, then come check out our services.