SinCity Collision Center offers the most trusted collision repair service in the industry and that comprises aluminum repair works. We feel proud to offer the complete aluminum repair services in the region to our customers in all of the major markets in which we serve. Every day we are trying to expand ourselves in Las Vegas to reach out to more and more people.
For several years we have constantly trained our technicians and equipped our facilities for preparing the aluminium body repair. We feel honoured to say that SinCity Collision Center is the leaders in offering high quality aluminium repair work in the entire Las Vegas. We have highly trained professionals who have received the I-CAR Gold Certification and are ready to offer you with superb service each time. Our Collision Repair Centers use the best in class equipment and have a defined isolated space which is required to properly perform these repairs. All of the aluminium repair work in Service King is backed by our lifetime guarantee. If you feel that you are not completely satisfied with the quality of our work then you can simply bring back your vehicle to our facility and our team will work without charging anything to make it right.

Challenges of Aluminum

We understand that there is a significant difference between working on steel and aluminum repairs. When you are sending your vehicle to a shop that fails to understand these differences may increase the problems of your vehicle without reducing them. Because of this, we have trained and brought in the best service professionals of Las Vegas who can expertly handle all your problems. Our technicians feel that aluminum does not have the same mouldable properties which steel has and nor does it responds to heat in the same way as steel. Aluminum is again much stronger and is comparatively lighter than steel that makes aluminum a great choice to use when a truck needs both towing capacities as well as better gas mileage. This is one of the main reasons when aluminum requires much more attentive care than steel does. Once Aluminum is damaged or bent, it takes aluminum specific tools in order to extract the dents and reshape the exterior of your vehicle. This can be explained with the example of screws. For small, low profile holes, you can use a slot-head screw and Phillips screws for making easy self-center holes. But you will not likely be using a Phillips screwdriver on a flathead screw or the other way around. The same is also the case for aluminium repair and metal repair. That is why we are equipped with the best in class technologies and technicians and the knowledge for understanding these differences and transforming your aluminum body back to the pre-accident condition.
Are you in search of Aluminum Repair Services in Las Vegas for your cars? Then we can be the right choice for you. Call us today and get the estimate. Our team is always ready to help you.